About me

With a background in humanities and a mentality that is anything but technical, I found myself in the real estate industry almost by chance. As I went on, I discovered that the pursuit of beauty – which found one of its most natural forms of expression in literature – could also be accomplished in the field of real estate.

I first came into contact with the real estate world after I finished my studies. Almost for fun, I began an internship at a well-known estate agency on Lake Maggiore, which was mainly involved in luxury properties. During this experience, I was able to understand that this world really could become my own. I could never have imagined my future sat behind a desk. Instead, vitality and direct contact with people had to be the main characteristics of my work. Once I finished my internship, I therefore decided to become an estate agent, an occupation that I have continued to fulfil in collaborations with various estate agencies in the Lake Maggiore region. Throughout my experiences, I have been fortunate enough to work with a variety of professionals who have helped me to better understand certain, more technical aspects of the real estate industry. This has allowed me to expand on my skills and has taught me to be aware of even the smallest details in order to help the customer in the most thorough way possible.

My love for this region and my experience with Italian and, in particular, foreign customers, has encouraged me to choose my path once and for all. It is not just the path of an estate agent but one of consultancy at 360 degrees. It focuses mainly on those who are looking for a property, starting out from their specific needs in order to satisfy the desire to find the house of the customer’s dreams. The expression of a person who enters a house for the first time and falls in love with it – that moment when they understand that their search is over and they have made their decision – is the part that I love the most. And every time, it is a genuine thrill.

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