What I do

Starting out from the customer’s individual request, I begin my search. The customer must be very specific in order to provide me with the most complete overview possible of their needs. With this in mind, I initiate a broad search, analysing everything that the market has to offer in order to propose some alternatives that I think could satisfy my customer’s requests. To be able to do this, as well as selecting properties that are part of my direct portfolio, I also make use of valuable collaborations that I have managed to establish over the years with various estate agencies that operate in the region. This way, the customer can benefit from a full overview of the real estate possibilities whilst working with a single consultant.

Once the properties that I believe could satisfy the customer’s requirements have been chosen, and after having consulted the customer, I accompany them on their visits. If necessary, I also request the involvement of specialists I collaborate with in order to immediately highlight the potential problems of the properties visited and their possible solutions. Proposals for renovations or simple improvements may be considered, always with the aim of finding the solution that satisfies the customer’s every request.

When the customer has identified the house of their dreams, I take care of the negotiation and accompany them at every stage of the purchase. I check that the property complies with the cadastral and town-planning regulations, hiring, where necessary, professionals who are able to resolve all kinds of issues. I also advise the customer in terms of the choice of a notary, a figure who is of the utmost importance in the purchasing process, to guarantee the operation’s success. Step by step, the customer is advised on the best way to proceed.

Once the purchase has been concluded, I take care of all the utility transfers and of all those little bureaucratic “nuisances” that are often tedious for both the purchasing customer and the seller.

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